Main Street Alabama


For the first since 2012, the Daleville Redevelopment Board met Jan. 17 to discuss whether it would make application to have the opportunity to compete and become a part of Main Street Alabama.

Current members of the Redevelopment Board are Chairman Jody Britton, the city’s former mayor and city councilwoman Claudia Wigglesworth, Billy Reed, Councilman Scott Moore and Councilman Alan Souders.

According to, “Main Street Alabama is focused on bringing jobs, dollars and people back to Alabama’s historic communities. Economic development is at the heart of this statewide organization’s efforts to revitalize downtowns and neighborhoods from Dothan to Florence.

“Main Street Alabama is affiliated with the National Main Street Center and utilizes the proven Main Street Four-Point Approach® to help communities organize themselves for success, improve the design of their neighborhoods, promote their districts, and enhance their economic base.”

Area south Alabama cities already recognized as “designated” Main Street communities include Elba, Dothan, Monroeville and Eufaula.

A city cannot apply without someone attending and completing one of the free workshops offered. Board members voted unanimously to send Wigglesworth to a workshop on Jan. 31 in Montgomery. The city council later approved to reimburse her mileage for the trip or allow use of a city vehicle if it is available.

While the board has not been active in a few years, all agreed it will become more active as the city gets closer to implementing the new zoning ordinance aimed at cleaning up parts of the city and setting other standards as well as changing some districts. All also agreed that the Main Street program looks like a good program and is worth moving forward with applying for it.

Mayor Jayme Stayton is expected to attend a mayoral conference in February for Design Alabama that is expected to also bring forth design and improvement ideas for the “City of Possibilities.”

Wigglesworth will give a full report of the workshop at the next scheduled meeting on March 14 at 5 p.m. in the conference room at city hall.

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