The annual Wiregrass Cotton Expo is set for Friday, Feb. 2 at the National Peanut Festival Fairgrounds in Dothan.

The cost-free expo will include an exhibitor show and various cotton management presentations from Alabama Extension specialists, seed companies, Florida’s state climatologist and the Alabama Cotton Commission.

The luncheon speaker is Dr. Don Shurley, an Extension economist with the University of Georgia.

Jessica Kelton, an Alabama Extension regional farm and agribusiness management agent, said workshops like this draw many area producers because they highlight things growers need to know in upcoming growing seasons.

“One of the main benefits to attending the expo—aside from the topics covered by the speakers—is the opportunity to interact with vendors about new equipment and technology on the market,” Kelton said.

Kelton said topics pertinent to the growing season include new pest control concerns, variety performance and weed control options.

Presentation topics at the Wiregrass Cotton Expo include:

• Cotton irrigation technologies

• Cotton fertilizer management

• Enlist and extend cotton herbicide technologies

• White fly management in cotton

• Cotton variety selection

• Weather forecasting

• Alabama Cotton Commission

Alabama Extension crops specialist William Birdsong said the topics covered will help producers as they plan for the upcoming cotton season.

 “Each year is different and requires different strategies,” Birdsong said. “Many growers learn from one another, therefore this forum gives them an opportunity to visit and dialogue with other growers while learning firsthand from scientists and research data in an environment where interaction is encouraged.”

Speakers include Dr. Audrey Gamble, cotton fertilizer management; Dr. Steve Li, enlist and extend cotton herbicide technologies; Dr. Ron Smith, white fly management; Dr. David Zierden, weather forecasting; and Thomas Kirkland with the Alabama Cotton Commission.

For more information about the 2018 Expo, contact Birdsong at (334) 693-3800 or, or Kelton at (334) 693-3800 or

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