Enterprise council passes downtown truck ordinance

How to eliminate some of the heavy-truck traffic through the downtown area came closer to a solution when the Enterprise City Council unanimously passed a truck route ordinance at the meeting July 18.

The new ordinance legally makes the Boll Weevil Circle the truck route for heavy vehicles coming through Enterprise. It also prohibits large trucks and heavy vehicles from using roadways—to include the business district—other than the designated truck route.

The ordinance exempts certain vehicles, to include those owned by the city, school system and churches, and vehicles “whose purpose is to provide specific and immediate goods or services to persons living in or maintaining a place of business within the city.”

The ordinance also exempts vehicles “whose purpose is the delivery of goods, wares, merchandise or chattels of any kind to persons living in or maintaining a business within the city,” and vehicles “whose purpose is picking up for transport goods, wares, merchandise or chattels of any kind from persons living in or maintaining a place of business within the city.”

Also exempt, according to the ordinance, are heavy vehicles “which originate from or are returning to any business where the driver holds employment within the city or from or to a residence within the city where the driver lives, subject to the condition that such a heavy vehicle would otherwise meet the definition of exempt heavy vehicle.

Any heavy vehicle with a State of Alabama farm tag is also exempted from the new ordinance.

The council also approved a Retail Beer and Wine Off Premise License for Shlok LLC, doing business as Stop N Go 1 at 1300 Rucker Boulevard.

In other business the council approved the request of High Point Church for a permit for a “Praying a Circle around the Circle” Prayer Walk Aug. 5 from 8 until 10 a.m. According to organizers, the walk consists of one trip around the Boll Weevil Circle with five to six groups of people walking separate segments of the circle at about two mile intervals at the same time. The estimated time for completion of the event is less than one hour.

The next meeting of the Enterprise City Council is Tuesday, Aug. 1. A work session begins at 5 p.m.in the mayor’s conference room. A voting meeting begins at 6 p.m. in the council chambers. Both meetings are open to the public.

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