Whereas, the  Dale County Commission is required  by the  law of the State  of Alabama to determine the  location of polling places  for general and special elections  in the  County, and

Whereas  Dale County had  previously set the polling place for Beat 7, Box 2, Rocky Head at the Bowden Terrace  Community Center on Ft. Rucker and that polling place has been used  for that purpose at that  location since 2019, and

Whereas the law of Alabama requires that no polling place shall be relocated less than three months  prior to an  election except  in cases  of emergency, and

Whereas a runoff election has been set in the State for July 14,2020 and  three-month deadline for alteration of a polling place has passed, and

Whereas, the  Commission has recently been  informed that the present polling place at  Bowden Terrace  Community Center on  Ft. Rucker will not be available  for the run off  election due to Covid 19 Pandemic restrictions by Ft. Rucker officials and it is necessary that a temporary emergency polling location be established  for the runoff election,

Now therefore, the  Dale County Commission declares and  finds as follows:

1. The polling place  for Beat 7, Box 2 at the Bowden Terrace  Community Center is  not available  for use as a polling place  for the  upcoming runoff  election due to Covid 19 Pandemic restrictions.

2. The  Dale County Commission does hereby declare that there exists an emergency, not the result of any  action of the  Commission or election officials, which requires the relocation of the polling place at Ft. Rucker.

3. The Dale County election officials, namely, the Dale County Probate Judge,  Sheriff and Circuit Clerk, with the approval of the appropriate City of Daleville  authorities recommend the relocation of the Beat 7, Box 2 Rocky Head polling place from the Bowden Terrace Community Center to the City of Daleville Voting Center temporarily for the runoff only. Although the Daleville Voting Center is  in a separate District and  voting precinct, for this runoff said  precincts shall be combined but the polling officials, machines and  ballots shall be separate and all reports of election results shall be separately  identifiable by the appropriate polling place.

4. The  Commission does therefore select the Daleville Voting Center as the polling place for Beat 7, Box 2 Rocky Head for the upcoming runoff  only.

5. This alteration of said polling place is a temporary emergency action required by the Covid 19 Pandemic and applies only to the runoff election. Additional arrangements will be made for the November general election.

6. The election officials shall  give as much notice as is possible to the voters who will be affected by this change in such manner as is reasonable.

Dated this the 23rd day of June, 2020


/S/ Mark Blankenship,


/S/ Chris Carroll,

District 1

/S/ Steve McKinnon,

District 2

/S/ Charles W. Gary

District 3

/S/ Frankie Wilson

District 4

/S/ Cheryl Ganey,



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